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István Pesti

Executive chef

As the highest point of his professional career to date, in 2015, as head chef of Tanti Restaurant in Budapest, just a few months after opening the restaurant, he was awarded with a Michelin-star, which is the highest honor in gastronomy today.

In the same year he took over the mantel of leading the kitchen of Platán Restaurant & Café, which is called Platán Bistro today, with a firm goal: to show that countryside hospitality can offer a high quality that we can be proud of.

„The extremely precise chef is not only known for the tasting menus of reinvented traditional Hungarian dishes, many also believe him to be the chef with the most beautifully plated dishes in Hungary.” – Magyar Konyha Online

In the past years István lead the restaurant to a trend of ever increasing success, gaining an important place in countryside gastronomy.

Platán reached another important milestone in the Spring of 2021. After a long wait, a Gourmet Restaurant opens its gates with a fine dining concept. The head chef of the fine dining restaurant is Michelin-star award winner István Pesti, who invites the gastronomically inclined guests with his team of 4 to a glamouros gastronomical theatre.

Apart from leading the Gourmet Restaurant, István Pesti also remains the head chef of Platán Bistro.

Gergő Futó


Gergő has been working in Platán for 5 years as István Pesti’s sous chef. What does this mean exactly? In recent years, most of our dishes were created by István Pesti, head chef of Platán Bistro, which he tested repeatedly with his team, presented in different styles, tasted over and over again, until they reached their final form.

We all know that the head chef can not always be in the restaurant. This is where Gergő’s role is essential, to ensure that the dishes offer the same sight-smell-flavor experience to our guests every day, regardless of whether the head chef of Platán is present in the kitchen or not. Thanks to Gergő’s precision and attention to detail, this process works splendidly.

„Before Platán, I have worked for 1 year with István Pesti in Tanti Restaurant in Budapest. During this time I learned a lot from István. After István decided to work at Platán, we kept in contact until he offered me to join him in the Platán team. It was a huge honor, and a great opportunity for me. And so I have been working at Platán for 5 years as István’s sous chef, and starting in 2021 as Platán Bistro’s head chef.”


In our opening year of 2010, our restaurant was awarded with the Alexandra Medal and the „Promising Beginnings” Award by the Alexandra Étteremkalauz, the first independent Hungarian restaurant guide. Our goal ever since then was to create unique and interesting flavors using world-class kitchen technology.

It is not always easy to bypass the conventions of modern gastronomy, but it is our chef’s firm belief that we should continuously develop Hungarian gastronomy – after all, that is what the great names of the history of hospitality did, like Károly Gundel. As part of the Hungarian branch of Chaine des Rotisseurs, we put special emphasis on the innovations of international gastronomy, while also remembering Hungarian gastronomical traditions.


  • The restaurant is part of the Hungarian branch of Chaine des Rotisseurs
  • Volkswagen-Dining Guide TOP 100 restaurant guide 2017
  • Best of Budapest & CHungary 2017 Best Countryside Restaurants
  • Gault & Millau restaurant guide 2017, 15 points
  • One of the 3 best countryside restaurants
  • Gault & Millau restaurant guide 2017, István Pesti head chef of the year


Arra törekszünk, hogy friss, saját termelésű illetve regionális alapanyagokat használjunk, legyen szó akár állati, akár növényi eredetű hozzávalókról.

We strive to use fresh, self-grown or regional ingredients, let it be animal or plant based ingredient.

We are proud to produce more and more of our ingredients ourselves, therefore offering high quality and an ever changing selection of products. Our philosophy is for the sights, the smell and the taste to present our guests a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time. The splendid natural and historical environment are a unique feature of our restaurant, and they make the gastronomical journey even more special.

We wish to create an experience that makes you want to return for more!