Surprise your friends and loved ones with a truly exclusive gastronomical experience!

If you are thinking about a really unique gift to give, you have come to the right place. Give the gift of a gastronomical experience at Platán, that will guarantee to present an unforgetable time to your loved ones, friends and family.

Useful information about issuing and purchasing the certificates.

Required information to issue a gift certificate:

  • Type of certificate
  • Name of recipient
  • A short message
  • Amount of money on the certificate

Types of gift certificate:

  • A la carte lunch or dinner at Platán Bistro
  • Degustation dinner with wine pairing at István Pesti’s Gourmet Restaurant
  • Cake tasting at Platán
  • Our current package deals

Procedure of issuing a gift certificate and further useful information

Az ajándékutalványra szánt értékben kiállítunk egy számlát, amelyet e—mail formájában továbbítunk a megrendelőnek. Miután az utalványra kiállított teljes összeg megérkezik cégünk bankszámlájára, kiállítjuk az utalványt, és elpostázzuk a megadott címre. A kiállított utalványról egy e-mailes bizonylatot is küldünk a megrendelőnek.

  • Based on the amount of money spent on the gift certificate, we will issue an invoice and send it to the purchaser by e-mail. As soon as the amount arrives on our bank account, we will issue the gift certificate and mail it to the address given. At this time, we will also send a proof of purchase of the certificate to the purchaser by e-mail.
  • The gift certificate allows for a one time use only.
  • We ask the recipient to present the certificate at their arrival.
  • The certificates are valid for 6 months, which we can only extend for justified reasons.
  • If the amount spent on our services is less than the amount on the certificate, we are unable to refund the difference.
  • If the amount spent on our services is more than the amount on the certificate, the guest has to pay the surplus at the location.
  • We offer no refunds if the certificate is not used.



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