Platán Confectionery, where quality
and creative confectionery collide.

Beyond the gastronomical journey, Platán on the lakeside offers further flavor experiences for our guests.

Our confectionery guides you to the world of French pastry making. We update our selection of pastries each season based on seasonal flavor combinations, available fruit and ingredients, and of course our customers’ demand. The goal of our confectionary led by Tamás László is to use the best available ingredients and the most modern technologies to surprise our guests with a diverse selection of pastries.

Our confectionery team offers to make personalised cakes, sweet and savory bites for weddings, company and family events, and other occasions.

Come in, try our desserts and have a wonderful time at the lakeside within the walls of Platán!


We await our customers with a sweet tooth every day with a daily selection of pastries, whether they wish to sit down or take it to go.


Our current selection and details of the cakes can be found via the Cake catalogue option. In case of any questions, please contact if you wish to order: We ask you to tell us about your wish to purchase at least 2 days beforehand.