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  • Name of recipient: PLATÁN KÁVÉHÁZ Vendéglátóipari Kft
  • Title of subsidised project: Increasing the quality of service at Platán Castle Moat Guest House
  • Identification number of competition: TFC-1-1-1-2017-2017-00054
  • Amount of contracted subsidy: 36 778 000 HUF
  • Amount of subsidy by percentage: 70%
  • Contents of subsidised project:
    • As part of the project, Platán Castle Moat Guest House went under a complete modernisation, with the goal of further ensuring the quality expected from us, the increase the number of services we can offer, and to develop the services we already have, and therefore to decrease the inequalities coming from seasonality. We increase our number of collaborations, so that we can offer a more colorful palette of services for our customers to enjoy.
    • As part of the investment, we renovated 10 rooms and the common rooms, including the reception, tea kitchen terrace and the wellness department, and we redesigned their interiors. We also renovated the mechanical background of the building, modernising the bathrooms and the heating system, based on technology utilising renewable energy. The rooms were refurbished and redesigned. The wellness department was expanded with a jacuzzi, and as part of the new services we purchased bycicles and a kennel. This way we can anticipate the needs of eight thematic target groups, which are family friendly, pet friendly, cyclist friendly, gastro-, conference-, culture-,  active and wellness tourism. After the investment, our accomodation easily gained a 3 star rating.
  • End date of subsidised project: 07.10.2020.