Reserve your table at Platán Gourmet Restaurant.

Degustation menu

  • Celery
    seeds, salted lemon
  • Pear
    carrot, walnut
  • Chicken liver pate
    plum, horseradish
  • Butter
    homemade bread
  • Cabbage
    parsnip, verbena
  • Chawamushi
    monkfish liver, hollandaise
  • Hamachi
    tomato, caviar
    beetroot, quince, sea buckthorn
  • Beef consommé
  • Sterlet
    marrow, scallop
  • Potato
    pasta, smoked buttermilk
  • Lamb
    celery, truffle
  • Plum
    yogurt, fresh herbs
  • Chocolate
    pear, caramel
  • Petit four
Price of the entire tasting menu
  • Chef’s Table room
  • Flavours and Senses room

(Further information can be found in the online booking system.)
International wine pairing: 45 000 HUF

Alcohol-free beverage pairing: 19 000 HUF


Our prices include VAT. We charge a 14% service fee on the total amount of the invoice.

From April 2023, the Platán Gourmet Restaurant offers two types of gourmet packages for our Guests, so that everyone can enjoy the experience that suits them best.


Chefs Table
Be a part of the gastronomic theatrical play of our Michelin-star awarded chef István Pesti at the Platán Gourmet Restaurant! The dinner is interactive thanks to the open kitchen, certain parts of the food are prepared and served directly on the illuminated chef’s tables. Our guests can really buy tickets for an unusual gastro theater, where a gourmet experience is guaranteed.


Flavours and Senses
Enjoy the guaranteed gourmet experience through the food compositions of our Michelin-star awarded chef, István Pesti! Our guests can enjoy a special tasting experience in a more intimate location, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, in our classy Blue-White Salon. In addition to smaller groups of 2-4 people, the Salon is also suitable for hosting goups of 6-8 people.