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Esterházy Castle, Tata

Esterházy Castle is located next to Tata Castle and Platán, on the shores of Old Lake in a picturesque environment, and with its baroque stlye romantic milieu it is a one-of-a-kind wedding location.

The castle’s wonderful interior allows for the organisation of civil weddings.

Aside from this, the married couple can also make their vows in the castle’s chapel, where you can invite 5-6 guests as well.

The center of the castle’s second floor is the dining hall, with its spectacular neo-rococo design from the late 19th century. This room is also splendid for an elegant wedding dinner.

Apart from the castle’s interior, the gardens are also prime locations for the wedding ceremony. The late-baroque castle is ideal not only for wedding celebrations, but to organise business events, standing receptions, family events and protocol events.

Salon Café is located on the ground floor of Esterházy Castle. The room with its modern elegance is ideal for receiving guests and congratulations, or to make a toast. The catering team of Salon Café will conjure up a gourmet gastronomical experience on your tables, made from top quality ingredients plated with flare helyett with beautiful serving.

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