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Platán Gourmet Restaurant

The 2 Michelin-Star awarded Platán Gourmet Restaurant offers our guests an extraordinary culinary experience with stunning food compositions and colorful, flowery designs dreamt up by our chef István Pesti.

István Pesti


As the pinnacle of his professional success so far, in November 2022
István received 2 Michelin-star with the Platán Gourmet Restaurant.
This is is a unique merit even worldwide in gastronomy.

Back in 2015, he took over the mantel of leading the kitchen of Platán Restaurant & Café,
now called Platán Bistro, with a firm vision: to show that countryside catering
can represent a high quality of which we can be justly proud.

„The extremely precise chef is not only known for the tasting menus of reinvented
traditional Hungarian dishes, many also believe him to be the chef with
the most beautifully plated dishes in Hungary.” – Magyar Konyha Online

Over the past years István lead the restaurant to a trend of ever-increasing success,
gaining an important place in countryside gastronomy.

Platán reached another significant milestone in the Spring of 2021.
After a long wait, the Gourmet Restaurant opened its gates with a fine dining concept.
The head chef of the fine dining restaurant is Michelin-star award winner
István Pesti, who invites the gastronomically inclined guests with his team of 4
to a glamouros gourmet-adventure.

Apart from leading the Gourmet Restaurant,
István Pesti also helping the team of Platán Bistro.


In 2020, with the help of designer Zoltán Varró, Platán Restaurant went through a grand renovation and was separated into two sections: a more informal Bistro and the new fine dining Gourmet Restaurant.

The newly designed Restaurant’s interior serves as a moderate backdrop to the culinary experience, but it also creates a characteristic milieu for our guests. The Restaurant can be found on the moat’s level, connected to the Manor’s salon by a passageway reminiscent of wine cellars, where you can marvel at our wine safe and champagne selection. Our dinner guests walk through the salons and the passageway to arrive at the Gourmet Restaurant, where the scenery is completed.

Be a part of the gourmet experience in our forest milieu!
From April 2023, the Platán Gourmet Restaurant offers two types of gourmet packages for our Guests, so that everyone can enjoy the experience that suits them best.

Chef’s Table


Be a part of the gastronomic theatrical play of our Michelin-star awarded chef István Pesti at the Platán Gourmet Restaurant!


The dinner is interactive thanks to the open kitchen, certain parts of the food are prepared and served directly on the illuminated chef’s tables.


Our guests can really buy tickets for an unusual gastro theater, where a gourmet experience is guaranteed.


We look forward to welcoming our guests who want to enjoy the full gourmet experience!


12-course degustation dinner in the gastro-theater:

  • menu: 87 000 HUF
  • wine pairing: 45 000 HUF
  • non-alcoholic drink pairing: 19 000 HUF

Flavours and Senses


Enjoy the guaranteed gourmet experience through the food compositions of our Michelin-star awarded chef, István Pesti.


István Pesti is rightly considered the chef with the most beautifully plated dishes in Hungary. It is his belief that food affects all our senses, that flavors and aromas create feelings, moods, and evoke memories.


Our guests can enjoy a special taste experience in a slightly more private location, in our classy blue-white salon.


In addition to smaller groups of 2-4 people, the salon is also suitable for hosting goups of 6-8 people.


12-course degustation dinner in the blue-white salon:

  • menu: 79 000 HUF
  • wine pairing: 45 000 HUF
  • non-alcoholic drink pairing: 19 000 HUF
To make a reservation, please use our online system by clicking on the link below:
If you would like to use our transfer service, or enjoy our accommodation after dinner, please contact the Manor reception at one of the following contacts after you’ve got the confirmation about your table reservation:
E-mail: recepcio@platantata.hu
Phone: +36 30 444 9055