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We invite you for a spiritual journey with the help of our massages and rituals. They help you in regenerations and recharging your energies. A quiet, intimate atmosphere, various textures, organic fragrances and massage oils ensure our guests’ complete relaxation.


We offer types of massages with different lengths and effects, all based on the holistic Swedish technique. Beside the basic massages, various herb included materials, lava stones can be chosen to be part of the treatment so it can be a more special time to spend while these combined treatments provide some great benefits to both the soul and the health.


Explore our spa world and read the description of our treatments!

Holistic Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular types. It is an intensive treatment for the whole body. The moves reduce the tension of the body and the muscles so that it is relaxing and recharging at the same time.

The following types are recommended for those whose coming would be the very first experience of any type of massages or who would like our treatment to try for one particular body part.

Relaxing Swedish massage

10.500 HUF/30 min | 18.500 HUF/60 min

The Swedish massage with relaxing effects is about the gentler moves. This technique is beneficial to the body and the skin and it helps reducing the feeling of tiredness.

Back-shoulders-neck massage

13.800 HUF/30 min

Due to the relaxational effects, this massage decreases the muscle pain and tension around the neck and the shoulders. Moreover, it helps delivering oxygen to the brain so that it increases the concentration ability along with the support of relaxation and recharging.

Feet massage

9.200 HUF/30 min

Feet massage is able to harmonize the whole body inside and out. It creates a balance within the body, strengthens the immune circulation and relieves the tension of the body and the soul.

Combined massage with herb based materials

Our combined massage, based on the Swedish massage culture, is supported by the used materials for a both physical and mental recharging. If you feel like you need a recreational treatment like this, our service is for you!

Massage with lava stones

18.500 HUF/60 min

During the treatment, we use volcanic, smooth surfaced basalt stones warmed up to 50-54 Celsius. They are relaxing, recharging and have detox functions at the same time. As a result of a massage with lava stones, muscle pains reduce and lymphatic circulation improves.

Massage with hot cushion

18.500 HUF/60 min

The hot cushions made of linen and stuffed with linseed, support the relaxation of the muscles and prepare the body for the massage. This treatment reduces joint and muscle pain.

Herb massage

18.500 HUF/60 min

The herbal steam massage helps reducing the joints and muscles’ pains. The herb cushions, the herb steam and the herb oils together simulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation, relax the muscles and joints and also relieve stress.