/  Platán Study & Training Program – Platán Stagiaire Program

Platán Tata offers an opportunity in our high-quality restaurant for ambitious chefs, confectioners and servers, who are dedicated to their profession to gain experience and professional knowledge, which they can use successfully in their careers later on.


During the two-month training*, participants will have a chance to look into the world of fine dining, and thanks to our Michelin-star award winner chef, István Pesti, they can also gain insight into behind-the-scenes.


At the end of the training, in recognition of their performance, all participants will receive a certificate from the Platán Stagiaire Program, which can open the doors to fine dining restaurants for them.


*You can take part in the training at a pre-arranged time.

Application condition: chef, confectioner, or server qualification

Application: hr@platantata.hu

We would ask you that the subject of the email should be Platán Gourmet Stagiaire Program.